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Salomon Mission 770 270-275 mm




Číslo produktu: 128
Parametr 1: 317mm 270-275
Parametr 2: Flex 85
Parametr 3: Velikost:42-42.5
běžná cena 4 000 Kč (160 EUR)
naše cena:
1 300 Kč (52 EUR) ( Nejsme plátci DPH )

do košíku:
Part of the Salomon Mission series, the Salomon Mission 770 Ski Boots are hands down one the most comfortable boots out. This boot is just the right amount of wide for a comfortable fit or for wider feet, without getting too sloppy. The higher instep and softer flex provide comfort and forgiveness for the recreational skier looking to advance their skills.